Document Writer: Advanced Word Processor App Reviews

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Without buying pro, this App is totally useless, I can’t even open .docx files.

no footnotes

I wonder how it is possible to have advanced text editor without footnotes

rip off

this is not even an accurate app, it does not do anything every document is saying it cannot open this version.

decent app.

I think this app is ok but it does have moments where it shuts down randomly. I was also wondering how can I get .doc papers to open up in word documents instead of keynotes?

pay to print??

Okay so this does the job of allowing me to type papers but seriously… you should not have to pay to print anything. I got this so i could easily type my paper and print it but i can’t….? paper is due tomorrow. Idk how i will print this…. you can’t even send it in an email

Could way be better.

can save a file after doubling the spacing. Always changing the form of a document when copy and pasted. This app looks good, but is not functioning properly.


Straight Garbage! Just go buy Microsoft Word. You will thank me later...

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